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Lake Nakuru Safari Cost

Cost and Entrance Fees to Lake Nakuru National Park

The cost of your safari to Lake Nakuru National Park depends on several factors and these will determine whether you are going to have a luxurious or budget safari to the National Park that is located in the southwestern part of the capital city of Kenya Nairobi. As you plan your safari to the Lake Nakuru National Park, you should put the length of your safari, accommodation, transport and other factors like entrance fees and fees to participate in different activities that are not part of your itinerary among others. Note that the cost of your trip to Lake Nakuru National Park does not include your flight tickets from your country to your destination and your return ticket.

There are three types of trips to Lake Nakuru National Park that will determine the cost of your safari and these are Luxury trips for those that are looking at having a good experience without a worry about money, budget safaris for those that are on a tight budget and midrange trips for tourists who are not a budget and still not able to go for a luxurious trip to the National park.

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The type of accommodation

Accommodation greatly affects the cost of your safari and it is categorized into three that is budget, midrange and budget accommodation.

Budget accommodation: If you are travelling on a budget, we advise that you try out the budget accommodation lodges and camps that are found both within and outside the National Park. You will save more when you go for this type of accommodation as compared to the other accommodation facilities. Under budget accommodation, you will sometimes have to share some facilities like bathrooms, toilets among others.

Midrange accommodation: these are both lodges and campsites and unlike budget accommodation, the midrange has better facilities and offer privacy to their guests in form of not sharing bathrooms and toilets among other facilities.

Luxury accommodation: these are the most expensive and most comfortable rooms that tourists can stay in while on a safari to Lake Nakuru National Park. They also have some of the best services offered to the guests like swimming pools, laundry services, private balconies and gyms among others.

The length of the safari

The number of days that you are to spend while on your safari to Lake Nakuru National Park will determine the cost of your safari. The more days that you spend while on your safari, the more you are going to spend and the less the days you plan on spending while on your safari, the less you get to spend while on a trip to the National Park.

Transport on your safari

The type of transport that you are planning to use will also determine the cost of your safari to Lake Nakuru National Park. You can use road transport or air transport depending on your budget. For those planning on using road transport, you can either use private drives or public means to get to the National Park and we advise that you use private means because you will be provided with a tour guide to drive you around the National Park. Road transport is also cheap and more scenic as compared to the fly-ins that are fast and expensive.


Park fees to Lake Nakuru National Park

Several fees need to be paid by tourists so that they can get to enjoy all the things that Lake Nakuru National Park has to offer. The important fees that must be paid include park entry fees, camping fees, activity fees and vehicle fees among others. The Park fees are determined by the Kenya wildlife services and there are several factors that they use to determine the fees which include the age bracket and the status of the tourists visiting the National Park.

Tourists’ status

EAC citizens: these are tourists who are living in East African countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan and they must be having a valid National ID to prove that they are indeed EAC citizens.

Foreign non-residents: these are tourists who are living outside the East African community and Kenya as a country.

Foreign residents: these are tourists who belong to other nationalities and not the EAC but work from Kenya. They must provide a valid working permit issued by the Kenyan government in case they want to be considered for the foreign resident fees.

Students: students are only considered liable to pay for the student fees if they are 23 years and travelling with an education institution. The institution has to write to the National Park at least two weeks before the set date to be considered for the student fees. Note that students who are travelling alone without the institution will not be considered for the student fees.

Children: to be considered a child, you must be 0 to 14 years of age. Those that are from o to 3 years do not pay for park entry fees.

Below is a list of the park fees to Lake Nakuru National Park effective 1st January 2022.

Park entrance fees

EAC citizens                                     adults                  860kshs

Children               215kshs

Foreign non-residents                                   adults                 $60

Children             $35

Foreign residents                                             adults                1030kshs

Children             515kshs

Activity fees

Cycling (per day)                                    215kshs

Night game drives                                 2155kshs

Walking safaris                                       1500kshs

Horse riding (private horses)              1030kshs

Horse riding (excluding the rider)       2585kshs

Camping fees

The National Park has two main camps and these are the special camps and the public camps. The fees paid are valid for only 24 hours and are paid to the park administration. Note that these park fees only work for the campsites that are found within the National Park.

Public camping sites                      EAC citizens                         adults         250kshs

Children     200kshs

Foreign non-residents         adults          $30

Children       $25

Foreign residents                   adults          600kshs

Children       300kshs


Special camps                                EAC citizens                               adults             500kshs

Children         250ks

Foreign non-residents               adults           $50

Children        $25

Foreign residents                          adults           600kshs

Children        350kshs

Special services

The special services and their service fee include the following:

Cancellation fees which are non-refundable                    7500kshs

Vehicle recovery while inside the Park                               7500kshs

Security per section of rangers                                            75000kshs

Reservation fees which are non-refundable                      7500kshs

Annual park fees

The annual park fees are valid for a full year and tourists who pay the annual fees can access the National Park at any time and day of the year.

Adults                                                                   43100kshs

Children                                                                10340kshs

Personalized tour driver annual                      6000kshs

Corporates                                                          103400kshs

Tour vehicle fees

Tour vehicle fees depend on the capacity that the vehicles and are valid for only one day.

Below 6 seats                                       300kshs

6 to 12 seats                                          1030kshs

13 to 24 seats                                        2585kshs

25 to 44 seats                                         4050kshs

45 seats and above                               5000kshs

Vehicles parked in the National Park

Vehicles that are stationed within the National Park pay fees that are valid for a year and are determined by the weight and capacity of the vehicle.

PSVs                                  < 6 seats                             10000kshs

> 13 seats                          100,000kshs


Commercial                     < 2 tons                               10,000kshs

>5 tons                                 100,000kshs

Delivery vehicles and trucks            

1 to 3 tones                    515kshs

4 to 7 tones                    2155kshs

7 and above tonnes        3015 tonnes

Single landing fees (aircraft)   

Aircrafts landing in the National Park are charged per landing irrelevant of their capacity.

3 to 1 seats                             300kshs

3 to 6 seats                             500kshs

7 to 14 seats                           1000kshs

15 to 20 seats                         2155kshs

21 seats and above                3015kshs

Note that the park entry fees are valid for only 24 hours, corporate park fees are only eligible to the organizations or companies that offer their services to the Kenya wildlife services and the only mode of payment allowed at the National Park is through direct bank transfers, visa cards, Mpesa and no cash will be allowed at the National Park.