Lake Nakuru Safari Kenya

Lake Nakuru Boat Ride

Boat cruises along Lake Nakuru have been designed to give the tourists a chance to see the wildlife and the landscape surrounding Lake National Park. The park is home to over 400 bird species and was declared a birder’s paradise in 2005 with the main bird species being the lesser and greater flamingos. There are two vessels that you can use for boat rides along Lake Nakuru and these are the Seaduction and the kingfisher.

nakuru boat ride

The kingfisher

This is the perfect vessel to use for tourists who are into photography.  The boat is mounted with different things that will help you have a good view of the whole park and the wildlife in it. The boat is fitted with 360 gimbals fitted turning chairs which offer a variety of shots for the photographers. Each seat found on the boat has adjustable birding gear like cameras and binoculars and the seats have two adjustable rails.

The Seaduction

The Seaduction boat is the most commonly used boat along Lake Nakuru and rides tailored on this boat include photo safaris, and individual and group tours. The Seaduction boat has a maximum capacity of 8 people and has to be booked early on especially during the peak season.

Lake Nakuru National Park is home to over 59 animal species and some of the animals that you are bound to see while on a boat cruise on Lake Nakuru include buffalos, warthogs, leopards although this is a rare sight, Rothschild giraffes, impalas, waterbucks, black and white Rhinos, lions, zebras and many more others. It is also home to over 400 bird species and the most common bird species that you should look out for including the lesser flamingos, greater flamingos, waterfowls, the Eastern imperial eagle, black-tailed godwit, grey-headed woodpecker, Abyssinian thrush, Black-winged Lapwing, Arrow marked babblers, great snipe, Northern vulture, slender-billed Greenbuls, Rupell’s robin-chat, lesser flamingos, greater flamingos, sooty falcon, brimstone canary, red-capped lark, Grey-crested helmet-shrike, Kenya Rufous sparrow, eastern imperial eagle, Bateleur, white-headed vulture, shining sunbird, Northern puffback, Montane white-eye and the Lesser kestrel among others.

You will also be able to see some types of fish that live within the Lake like Tilapia and along the rocks, you will be able to see a python if you are lucky. Boat cruises along Lake Nakuru are organized by experienced locals who know the tide along the Lake. Some of the scenic things that you get to see while on a boat cruise include the Makalia waterfalls, Lion hill, Out of Africa look and Baboon Hill.

Boat cruises along Lake Nakuru are one of the best ways in which tourists get to see Lake Nakuru National Park from a different perspective. It is an interesting activity that every tourist should try out and note that you will have to pay an extra cost for the boat ride. Before you start your boat cruise, there are a few things that are a must and these are: you need to follow all the Covid protocols put in place, children under the age of 13 are under the responsibility of the parents, you need to have insurance, windbreakers are a necessity, no smoking while on the boat, a life jacket is necessary and the full capacity for the boat is a maximum of 8 people only.

The morning boat cruise starts very early in the morning around 5:30 am to about 9:30 am taking about 2 to 2 and half hours. Before the ride, you will be briefed about what to expect, what to do and what to avoid while on a boat cruise and the ride begins at the Jetty that is right below the baboon viewpoint. Some of the things that are included in the morning boat ride include being picked to and from your accommodation within the National Park, Breakfast, professional binoculars, an experienced tour guide and sparkling wine.

The afternoon boat cruise starts at around 3:15 pm and will end at 6:00 pm before you are driven back to your hotel. The cruise takes about 2 to 3 hours and it always ends at the exact point from where you started your cruise before. Some of the things that are included in the afternoon boat cruise include an experienced tour guide, radio communication to the safety boat that is nearby, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, sundowners, transfers to and from your accommodation, soft drinks, bottled drinking water and snacks and binoculars to help you see the animals and birds within the National Park.

The boat rides are organized according to the needs of tourist groups and individuals. The good thing is that you can book the boat ride as individuals, as a family and as a group of friends and you should also be able to tell the tour guide your exact needs and what you need exactly while on your boat ride that is game viewing, birding or a photography safari. Other activities that you can carry out while in Lake Nakuru National park include game drives, birding, nature walks and many more others.

Cost of Lake Nakuru boat cruises

The cost of a boat cruise along Lake Nakuru differs depending on how long you are going to spend either half day or a full day. Note that this cost does not include the park entry fees and the boat cruise fees are paid separately.

Per person                        $100

Per group                      half day             $650

Full day             $900

The above costs are just estimates and they can change at any given and that is why you should contact us to find out the current pricing on the dates that you have set for your safari.

When to go for boat cruises in Lake Nakuru National Park

Boat cruises along Lake Nakuru can be carried out throughout the year depending on the activity that you want to carry out while on a safari to Lake Nakuru National Park. For ardent birders, the best time to go for a boat cruise is immediately after the rainy season and for tourists who are into animal viewing, the best time is during the dry months which are June to September. Avoid the wettest months of April and May as the rains might interfere with the boat cruise.