Lake Nakuru Safari Kenya

Lake Nakuru Camping Safari

Lake Nakuru National Park is one of Kenya’s top destinations located within the Great Rift Valley and has over 50 different animals like baboons, lions, hippos, warthogs and zebras among others. It is also home to about 400 bird species some of which include the Maccoa duck, different types of vultures, Slender-billed Greenbuls and the Montane white-eye among others.

camping safari

The National Park has about 7 operational camping sites and these are located in different parts of the National Park. All the camping sites within and outside the National park have unique features and are all different from each other making your camping safari a good and enjoyable one. Note that Lake Nakuru National Park is cooler during the night and you should pack some warm clothes. There are several activities are carried out in the National Park like birding, game drives and camping. A few things that you should put into consideration when choosing a campsite include the services offered and the location of the camp.

Lake Nakuru National Park is a great place to go camping and there are numerous designated places within the National Park and outside where you can easily enjoy your nights in the wild by pitching up your tents or booking the already set up tented camps. The beauty about camping in Lake Nakuru National Park is that you get to enjoy the semi-humid climate, the vegetation and seeing the animals up close.

Rules and regulations while camping in Lake Nakuru National Park

Just like any other park, there are a few rules and regulations that you are supposed to follow while camping and these include the following:

Do not move out of your camp during the night alone. It is a safety precaution for the guests and this is because animals keep on moving around the National Park and you do not want to be outside alone when you meet one of them.

You should keep the flap of the tent closed at all times to keep the wild animals away. If you are to move out at night, make sure you carry a torch with you and with an armed ranger and tour guide.

After cooking, put the fire out as it might cause injuries to the animals that keep on moving around the National Park at different times of the night.

Camping fees

There are two main camps within and around Lake Nakuru National Park and these are special and public campsites. These are paid for daily and below is what you should expect to pay if you are planning on going camping but note that this might change at any one point and you should contact us before booking to make sure that you have the right pricing. These fees only work for campsites found within the National point, and you should contact us before booking to ensure the different fees for the campsites.

Public camping sites                      EAC citizens                        adults         250kshs

Children     200kshs

Foreign residents               adults          600kshs

Children       300kshs

Foreign non-residents       adults          $30

Children       $25


Special camps                         foreign non-residents               adults           $50

Children        $25

Foreign residents                       adults           600kshs

Children        350kshs

EAC citizens                                adults             500kshs

Children         250kshs

Lake Nakuru National Park camping sites

There are several camping sites located within the National Park. Camping is one of the best activities that give a tourist the chance to experience the wilderness with animals roaming around the sites and staring at the stars during the night. Some of the famous campsites that are found in the National park include the following:

Punda Milias Nakuru Camp

Punda Milias is 5 kilometers away from Lake Nakuru National Park and is located along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway. It is located in a private area where guests get to enjoy a calm and peaceful camping experience while on a safari to the National Park. The facilities at the camp are always clean, offer privacy to the guest and are extremely comfortable. It is surrounded by bushes giving it a wild look and some of the activities that are offered at the Punda Milias include guided nature walks, birding and game drives to the Lake Nakuru National Park.

Rhino campsite

The Rhino campsite is a budget facility and known to be the most popular campsite within the National Park. Some of the activities that you can carry out while here include game viewing, birding and a great view of the black and white Rhinos. It might not be a luxurious campsite but it offers some of the best authentic camping experience while on a safari to the Lake Nakuru National Park.

Lakira camp

The Lakira camp is a luxurious camping site that is surrounded by trees and is located right at the edge of Lake Nakuru. Its location gives it the serene environment that makes camping worthwhile and some of the things that you get to see while camping here include birding, you can take guided nature walks around the tents and you also get a clear view of the animals around the National Park.

Flamingo Hill Tented camp

The Flamingo Hill Tented Camp is a luxurious camp with 25 rooms that is located within the Lake Nakuru National Park. The camp has great views of Lake Nakuru, the different bird species that are around the Lake, the unique wildlife around the Park and the beautiful scenery around the National Park. The rooms are extremely comfortable and you will have 244/7 reception service while at this luxurious camp.

Mbweha camp

Mbweha camp is located in the southern part of Lake Nakuru National Park and is one of the most luxurious camping sites around the National Park. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, the camp is situated outside the Park making it the perfect place for tourists to carry out activities like Nature walks, Game drives through the National Park, birding and Mountain biking. The camp has 25 fully furnished rooms with some of the best services offered at the camp. Mbweha camp was named after the African Jackal because this is where you are going to find the three different types of Jackals that is the side-striped jackal, the Golden jackal and the silver-backed jackal. If you are into animal viewing and birding, this is the best place for you to book while on your safari to Lake Nakuru National Park.