Lake Nakuru Safari Kenya

Lake Nakuru National Park Day Trip

Welcome to Lake Nakuru National park located in the Great Rift Valley North-west of Nairobi city. The National Park is home to over 400 bird species and over 50 animal species that are found in the different habitats found in the different parts of the National Park. The park is the first National Park in Kenya to have a Rhino sanctuary that is home to both the white and black Rhino which have been declared by the IUCN as endangered species. The Game drive will be done in a 4×4 land cruiser with an open roof to allow the tourist easily view the animals.

lake nakuru animals

The full-day trip safari to Lake Nakuru National Park will include Lunch, park entrance fees, an experienced tour guide, Game drives around the National Park, bottled water and transportation to and from the National Park. It will however not include tips, Visas and beverages. You should also note that the full-day safari trip to Lake Nakuru National park is an exciting experience as you can participate in the different activities carried out around the National Park.

The highlights

Drive to Lake Nakuru National Park from your hotel or to the airport.

Get clear views of the Great Rift Valley as you drive to the park and when you get there.

Enjoy a game drive where you get to see the animals and bird species that are found in the National Park.

Drive back to your hotel in Nairobi or the airport.

Activities that can be carried out on your day trip safari include:

Game drives: these are carried out all year round but the best time is during the dry season/drier months of the year. The animals in the Park are best seen during the dry season because the grass is shorter and withered. Some of the animals that you get to see while on your game drives include warthogs, buffalos, leopards, lions, zebras, giraffes, Black and white Rhinos, elands and hyenas among others.

Birding: this is best done during the wet season when the migratory birds join both the endemic and non-endemic birds that live within the National Park. Some of the bird species that you should look out for include the lesser flamingo, greater flamingo, Dark chanting Goshawk, greater spotted eagle, steppe eagle, Augur Buzzard, booted eagle, brown snake eagle, Wahlberg’s eagle, lappet-faced vulture, long-crested eagle, Imperial eagle, Eurasian marsh harrier, crowned eagle, Eastern imperial eagle, black-tailed godwit, grey-headed woodpecker, Abyssinian thrush, Black-winged Lapwing, Arrow marked babblers, great snipe, Northern vulture, slender-billed Greenbuls, Rupell’s robin-chat, lesser flamingos, greater flamingos, sooty falcon, brimstone canary, red-capped lark, Grey-crested helmet-shrike, Kenya Rufous sparrow, eastern imperial eagle, Bateleur, white-headed vulture, shining sunbird, Northern puff back and Montane white-eye among others.

Full day trip to Lake Nakuru National Park

6:30 am to 7:00 am: you will be picked up from your accommodation in Nairobi early morning by our driver guide and you will be briefed about what to expect on the drive to the National Park before setting off. The drive from Nairobi to Nakuru is just 2 and half hours away and the first thing that will welcome you is Nakuru Lake with huge crowds of Flamingos both on the water and on the banks. Note that pickup hours are extremely important because they determine the amount of time that you get to spend on your safari drive when you get to the National Park.

9:00 am to midday: upon arrival at the National Park, you will enjoy a morning game drive where you get to see numerous wildlife ranging from different bird species to the animals that are always at the banks of Lake Nakuru and in the open grasslands. Lunch will be served either at a picnic place or in one of the lodges located within the National Park before embarking on the afternoon drive.

2:00 pm to 3:30 pm: the afternoon drive will start immediately after lunch and the number of animals available will highly determine when we leave the National Park back to Nairobi. We will depart from the National Park at 4:00 pm and you will be dropped off at your desired destination in Nairobi.

Park entrance fees

You will be required to pay park entrance fees to the National Park and this is paid at the entrance of the National and the fees are only valid for 24 hours.

EAC citizens                                     adults                  860kshs

Children               215kshs

Foreign non-residents                                   adults                 $60

Children             $35

Foreign residents                                             adults                1030kshs

Children             515kshs

The reason why you should book with us your day trip to Lake Nakuru National Park is that you will create beautiful and everlasting memories, get a front seat t every activity carried out around the National Park, have experts take you through your drive and a safe and clean environment within our safari vehicles is guaranteed.

The tourist will need to have a negative PCR for COVID-19, keep a distance from the animals, wear a mask in case you have flu or cough and keep all the SOPs that were put in place to protect both you and the wildlife.

The day trip to Lake Nakuru National Park is available all year round and it can only be booked after you pay the first initial price of the total cost of the safari and the final payment has to be done before the day of the trip. No cash will be allowed so you will have to pay using direct bank transfers, Mpesa and Visa cards among others.

Cancellation policy.

If you cancel at least 14 days before the safari day, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

Cancellation at 13 to 3 days before the D-day warrants a 5o% cancellation fee on your deposited amount.

Canceling 2 days to the safari day or not showing up will warrant a 100% fee on your initial deposit.

The day trip to Lake Nakuru National Park is perfect for tourists who have limited time on their safari and have plans of visiting other safari destinations in the country. Book your day rip now and experience all that Lake Nakuru National Park has to offer.